Customs by Cario


Custom Nike Roshe One "Palm Breeze"

Image of Custom Nike Roshe One "Palm Breeze"

Brand New Authentic Nike Roshe Run Custom which features a beautiful tropical design with big palm trees and a light blue sky! These are great for spring/summer or anytime you want to bring a little sunshine. These along with the rest of my customs are made to order.

**Notice: The base shoe used was the Men's White/White
***Women can order also just choose your size and choose women's size from the drop down menu.****

Please specify your size and gender at checkout if you are a male or female ordering this custom so there is no confusion.

NOTICE: Toddler/Kids customs are available also just shoot me an email so we can discuss pricing as they will not be the same price as listed!

Care for shoes:

With all customs, they should be taken care of. You can surely wear them on a daily basis but scraping, scratching or prying at the art work will damage the shoes.Vigorous activity (such as running, etc.) is not recommended. If the shoes happen to get dirty, I would recommend gently wiping the shoes with a towel or rag.

Also each shoe is equipped with water & stain repellent before shipping for extra protection. and these shoes are stitched along the tongue for extra sturdiness.


Once your order is received I will go ahead and purchase all materials needed, sometimes materials may take a week to obtain but once all materials are received I will finish your order that next week and your shoes will be on their way along with a tracking number. Shipping will take approximately 3-4 weeks and possibly 5 weeks on rare occasions.

Custom Requests?

If you have any variations that you would like to add to this custom I will be more than happy to discuss your ideas with you, just send me an email!