How it works?

Customs by Cario

How it works?

First of all I would like to say thank you for taking the time to checkout the site! Much appreciated.

How it works:

Your part:

1. Browse the site to find your favorite product(s) and add to cart, or request a custom order by emailing

2. Ensure that size(s) added to cart are correct and you have the correct mailing address you would like your item shipped to.  

3. Successfully place your order, you should receive a order confirmation at the email you placed your order with.

4. Patiently wait 2-3 weeks for your personally crafted item to be delivered to you (This is the most important part of the process since each item is custom made, and remember good things come to those who wait)

5. If you have any questions or concerns about your order please feel free to email

Our part:

1. Receive your order and begin processing your order by placing it in our queue to be completed.

2. Ensure that all sizes and materials are available for purchase and be sure to communicate with the customer if any problems arise.

3. Purchase all items and materials needed to complete your order.

4. Begin working on orders in queue to complete everyone's order within the predicted timetable.

5. Provide customer with updates if orders become delayed and will take longer than expected.

6. Complete order, package and ship item(s) to customer's preferred shipping address.

7. Provide excellent customer service to the customer if there are any questions or problems post-delivery.

8. Repeat